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We spent a day at Frontier Developments in Cambridge and played Jurassic World: Evolution!

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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to be Really Intense + SDCC News Roundup

It’s been quiet. Perhaps too quiet. And while we decided against picking something off our secret news pile, it was an interesting couple of weeks and allowed us to anticipate what the studio might do next.

San Diego Comic Con was quiet with no studio presence, but as is tradition – Chronicle Collectibles debuted a number of new products at the event, and had guest speaker Glen McIntosh of ILM there, who was the animation supervisor on Jurassic World and animation director on Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom!

Jurassic fan Victoria got to speak with Glen at the Chronicle booth and managed to score some tidbits from the upcoming sequel, including a rumour that the film was originally going to be titled Jurassic Earth.

However, we have since heard that this was merely a misinterpreted joke between Glen and Chronicle. He spoke very highly of the sequel however and said “it’s gonna be really scary, really intense, to a level that I think we haven’t seen before” and went on to compliment the creative team behind the film:

“Colin’s script, JA’s direction, they’ve really pushed the envelope of the intensity and I think that’s supported by the cinematography, there’s very harsh lighting. It’s gonna look fantastic.

At the booth Glen was gifting fans with free sketches of dinosaurs from the series and showed video from a motion capture screen test he was working on at ILM – showcasing a man in a motion capture suit animating a Velociraptor live, seen through a monitor in the foreground.

You can see the full 9 minute video here showing what Victoria saw at the Chronicle booth, including some of their new products – the Hammond Cane (which they worked in collaboration with Paradise Collectibles on), the sick Triceratops and the Indominus Rex statue.

You can watch Chronicle’s interview with Glen at the booth here, and below are some photos taken by showcasing Chronicle’s new products:


At the booth, Chronicle revealed their new product in collaboration with Paradise Collectibles: The John Hammond Cane prop replica! Cast from an original film prop seen in the movie, this cane is an exclusive 1:1 scale replica and is available for pre-order now through Paradise Collectibles new website.

Read more about the Hammond cane here, and let us know what you think of all these new products in the comments below! We really enjoy reading all of the discussions you guys have below, so keep it up!

Source: Victoria’s Cantina,


14 thoughts on “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to be Really Intense + SDCC News Roundup

  1. Praise Chronicle Collectibles and Glen for doing Universal’s job! I wish Universal was able to connect to with fans more. I throughougly enjoyed the Philly event and would love to interact with my fellow fans more. The marketing for Jurassic World is too generic for my liking. If it wasn’t for the peps here at Outpost I wouldn’t know anything about the next movie or community events.

  2. I really doubt if it’s gonna be better than Jurassic Park. Because that’s almost impossible, but I hope we finally get some tension and suspense, because that was what was missing in Jurassic World.
    I have high hopes, because Bayona is directing this.

    1. Better that Jurassic Park? don´t even dream it. that would be too much to expect. To top the original mindblowing idea of Jurassic Park and how it brought dinosaurs to life for the first time on screen is not possible. that can only happen once. That being said, I think we can expect a lot from this one as a sequel.. after the success of Jurassic World and having Bayona as director we can be expecting something good. If you havnt yet, watch “the Impossible” to have an idea of how well Bayona can make a movie of this kind

  3. Without a doubt, the new movie will fail and be terrible. It’ll make some money. It’ll make tasteless fanboys happy. But it’ll disappoint real fans and the general audience. JW3 will be a tough sell when the time comes after two crappy films.

    If I am wrong about this I will gasp with such a surprise, you’ll all actually hear it… but sadly I despair. At least I can enjoy JP TLWJP and some of JP3.

    1. The reason why the writing for the most part was bad in JW was because of Derek Connely. He is not involved in JW2 again.

      Anyway, since horror director Bayona is making it, it will surely be better than JW.

  4. Intense and frightening is what I’m looking for. And nail-biting, if that’s not asking to much.

    I’m hoping for a November trailer now. Until then, I’m patiently waiting.

  5. this movie will be a huge hit but I think it’s too soon to take the Dino’s off the island. I kno I keep saying this but I really needed one more functional Dino theme park movie.
    It really makes me sad that they won’t be filming in Hawaii anymore 🙁
    I hate trevorrow. Ugh.

  6. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion and I respect that. Just mean to roll a healthy discussion here. Hope all you guys understand.

    Some seem to think that Trevorrow ruined things. I respectfully disagree. To me, his sequel is the best of the three we’ve got so far. We’re there mistakes? Yes. Could more have been done? Certainly. I’m sure each of us has views on how the film could’ve been better, more “like this” or more “like that.” Such a divergence/multitude of feelings and opinions is only natural. We’re talking about a movie that is viewed globally.

    What’s more, we can’t forget Colin didn’t decide everything on his own. Many people backed him off and approved of his ideas.

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