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The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer IS HERE!

It seems like only yesterday we were eagerly anticipating the first trailer reveal from Jurassic World. And now, two years on, we have the first trailer for the follow-up Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Watch it below!

Remarkable. In just under seven months we will return to Isla Nublar for the very last time and witness the volcanic disaster that threatens the fate of the dinosaurs. Here’s the official plot synopsis:

It’s been four years since theme park and luxury resort Jurassic World was destroyed by dinosaurs out of containment. Isla Nublar now sits abandoned by humans while the surviving dinosaurs fend for themselves in the jungles.

When the island’s dormant volcano begins roaring to life, Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) mount a campaign to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from this extinction-level event. Owen is driven to find Blue, his lead raptor who’s still missing in the wild, and Claire has grown a respect for these creatures she now makes her mission. Arriving on the unstable island as lava begins raining down, their expedition uncovers a conspiracy that could return our entire planet to a perilous order not seen since prehistoric times.

Universal Pictures debuted the first trailer for the sequel, directed by J.A. Bayona, at the Falcons/Saints Thursday Night Football game on NBC, which coincided with an online release.

Check out some HD screenshots from the trailer below!

The past week has been Jurassic-filled with numerous teases and a fantastic behind the scenes look at the film!

So what do you think of the very first trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom? What is your current level of excitement for the new film that hits theaters next June? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!


104 thoughts on “The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Trailer IS HERE!

  1. Honestly This was a little dull in the beginning. The music really Didn’t give me the chills like when the Jurassic world trailer came out.
    I’m certain this will be a awesome movie tho. Can’t wait omg 🤯

  2. Waited soooo long for this!! Bayona appears to have done an amazing job with this! I don’t think we have ever seen so many different dinosaurs in one sequence before in any of the other JP films. The hype for this movie has just gone through the roof for sure!!

    1. The quality is reflecting an increased budget and is far more refined than Jurassic World at this point. I remember hoping for changes to a number of things in that movie and slowly seeing them in newer trailers but feeling like there would inevitably be missed opportunities. I think this movie will also prove to be much richer visually.

  3. I am not feeling the plot/ story line of what we know. I can basically plot out in my mind what could happen. Clearly there has to be a hidden storyline going on.

    1. There is a lot more to this movie that is not being shown here. I pretty sure the volcano happens in the middle of the movie. Collin Trevorrow said that the big catastrophic event happens in the middle of the film.

  4. I won’t lie, I kept screaming, “YES!” at the top of my lungs. It’s nice to see old dinosaurs returning (Compy, Brachiosaurus– BTW, where were they during the first film? I know we heard them near Owen’s bungalow, but…), and the new dinosaurs (CARNO OMFG!) look AMAZING! Best girl Blue, and Rexy still asserting herself as Queen of Nublar.

    I mentioned I’d be giving Universal all my money when this comes out, and they also get my firstborn when I have a kid. XD

    1. Of course I absolutely lost it laughing when I couldn’t access the Outpost. I guess there were too many people fangasming for the servers to handle. XD

  5. Fantastic, I was a little thrown off with the Kong: Skull Island/ JP3 vibe in the beginning, but that’s ok. I also don’t know why rexy would want to roar like that when a volcano is erupting. But, I loved this trailer and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

    1. She’s displaying her dominance. It’s instinctive for carnivores to keep their competitors aware of that. And the Carnotaurus is exactly that to the T.rex.

  6. Definitely liked how it didn’t try to do (or spoil!) too much, kept it simple. (Although it looks like Rex knocked out the newcomer!) Classy trailer. Really excited for another Jurassic Park movie, keep them coming. With all of the advertisements scattered throughout Jurassic World I love how the first product placement we saw for Fallen Kingdom was Budweiser, cheers!!

    1. My money is on Metriacanthasaurus. It’s 100% canon already from JP1 DNA samples and shirt souvenirs shown in Jurassic world.

  7. I counted thirteen different species in this trailer: Ankylosaurus, Velociraptor, Compsognathus, Brachiosaurus, Baryonyx, Pteranodon, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, Gallimimus, Stegosaurus, Carnotaurus(!), and Allosaurus(?)

    But hey! Who’s counting? Bottom line: Okay trailer, amazing dino-porn.

  8. The intro song (idk the name), but has become annoyingly popular/over used. I also don’t know if I really buy Owen’s reason to return to the island. Blue? Come on. It’s been 4 years. Thing’s probably dead. But since we know that she isn’t, how could that possibly be worth the risk? He knows what’s out there better than anyone. Also, why show the t-rex killing the carnotaurus? That would’ve been much better as a surprise. And I know it’s JP and all, but why does he/she have to do that roar all the time? We get it! You’re the king! The first JW was cool and all but it was so much of “Hey! Look at this! It’s nostalgic! Right? Right?!” I really hope this movie won’t be that. I feel like there was a littke too much revealed in the trailer, but maybe they tricked us and only gave away a little bit. Anyway, with that being said, I’ll be there first in line on opening night.

    1. I think there will be remnants of nostalgia in this film because it is the send-off for the island (the Explorer for example) highlighting iconic moments in the first movie. I’m looking forward to what happens when they come across the broken East Dock sign that Nedry slammed with his Jeep and was photographed during filming. As for the trailer, I think it definitely generated the hype and exposed almost none of the deeper storyline with Wu and Lockwood which I hope largely remains in secret until the release. I don’t think they did a great job with keeping enough of Jurassic World a secret and I hope that changes for Fallen Kingdom. The Rex standing on the neck of the Carnotaurus roaring in front of a volcano next to our main characters screams image on a free-standing cardboard cut-out at the movie theatre. I’m willing to bet that’s where that ends up.

    2. First of all. Fuck you dude
      Second, the Rex did not kill the Carnotaurus, if you look closely it only pinned it down to the ground, it is still alive

  9. Trailer is awesome.can’t wait fo movie. but background music is dull tho. its just sssssuuuuppprrrrrbbbbbbbbb😍😍😍

  10. I didn’t care much for Jurassic World since it had so many faults in my opinion (having a “hero” character instead of just survivors, showing the Indominus right away instead building up suspense, never being afraid or worried for any of the characters, not making the audience more empathetic toward the kids, having the villain just show up out of nowhere so he could die quickly, etc), so it is hard to get really excited for this one. I trust J.A. Bayona a lot more than Colin Trevorrow and think it will be a beautiful film that is entertaining, just not sure it will be a masterpiece.

    Also interesting that they are following a similar story arc to that of the original trilogy:

    JP/JW: A glorious new technologically advanced park opens up, things go wrong, people have to escape.

    TLW/FK: A group returns to the islands on a rescue mission that has legal implications surrounding it, things go wrong, people have to escape.

    Curious to see where the third one goes.

    1. It will also be interesting to see how restrictive they are with showing the Indoraptor. We had seen just about all of the Indominus before Jurassic World came out. I’m hoping for that to largely be a mystery as well as the second act in this movie.

        1. Exactly. Those events still happened and are canon. Also, I feel people forget Jurassic World was the fourth film, not the “first”

  11. Underwhelming. I don’t see any tension. Looks like the first Jurassic World. I hope the movie is better than this.

    1. I think they want to draw People to the cinema by show the big action scènes in the trailer. But after these volcanic scènes the story goes into smaller scarier direction like the mansion of that hammond-like guy. You can hear it in the trailer with the (a little bit creepy) last vocale tones.

      Very good marketing direction!

    2. Absolutely agree sadly… it looks so artificial and the gyrosphere coming back in crazy cartoony action bugs me too. Didn’t care for the entire thing… no mystery just in your face cartoony action. At least it fits with the first Jurassic World.

  12. The t-rex saving the day thing is played out. Why can’t these movies deliver something new? Sigh. Just really bummed at how bad this looks.

  13. Definitely an awesome trailer with amazing scenes, I can’t wait to see the movie. I feel like there will be quite a few sad scenes though, a lot of dinosaurs will die most likely. Yes it is fiction but still sad lol. A couple of things though:

    – Does Blue get shot at 1:12? Judging by her movement, and the behind the scenes video of her on a bed, was she shot? If so with a bullet or maybe a tranquilizer? Maybe neither and it is just an excited type of movement lol. Maybe the explosion of the Volcano surprises her.

    – Also a theory I came across on YouTube regarding Owen’s outfit during the “flashback” scene is that he is wearing the same outfit now because he wore that same outfit when he imprinted on Blue when she was a baby. So maybe wearing the same outfit now, when searching for Blue, will help her recognize Owen. Could be wrong, sounds reasonable, we shall see though.

    1. What do I think about the trailer? The second part of the trailer is really lackluster and reminds me of Transformers by Micheal Bay with this terrible “duuuum duuum” soundtrack at the end. I found it odd that teaser trailer was better than real trailer. The quality of animals other than Blue, Carno, Trex is really low. The carnivore that runs next to gyrosphere is half polished Allosaurus. Baryonyx has the worst model I’ve ever seen in the movies, documents or games. Ian Malcome… He’s perfect. I’ll give movie some credit, because of animatronics and using a lot of refrences from The Lost World, books and even the first teaser poster of JW (raptor on the truck pose). It seems the second part of the movie will be more scary, because of Indoraptor lurking in the mansion. Overall, I think Bayona is trying his best to develop things that were neglected by Colin Trevorrow in the first movie i.e Blue and Owen relationship, Claire and Owen relationship (that no one cares about and they should have never mentioned it in JW to begin with) and so on.

      I found it odd very few people point out the lack of logic in a few scenes that were presented in the trailer:

      1. It’s been only 4 years, but the park looks like it was abandoned for 2 decades. In 4 years there may have been grass growing on the streets, bush here and there, but not completely destroyed buildings, monorails trains and tracks. Even though this is tropical climate, park wouldn’t be in such terrible state. (For example there is nothing that could damaged the roof of visitor center.
      2. The suspense scene with Carnotourus was ruined by T-rex Deus Ex Machina. I’m really tired of it. What’s more what animal would even consider hunting while vulcano is erupting in the background? Every carnivore would be too scared to hunt.
      3. Chris Pratt’s facial expression while he’s running away from the forest is unconviencing. This is not facial expression of man on adrenaline rush.
      4. Why do they reveal the best things in the trailer? For example Carno. It shouldn’t be revealed now. Why do they show vulcano eruption and pyroplastic cloud? This is suppoused to make our jaw drop by its visual effects and now we got used to it.

      The first Jurassic World trailer was way better in regards of hiding the best stuff for the movie.

      It’s time for our Blue. Keeping in mind her sudden reaction it’s safe assumption she was shot by a trang dart or a bullet. In the teaser trailer we see her laying on the table, but we don’t know when that would happen in the movie. On the other hand you hear vulcano rumble which may have scared her a bit.

      I also mentioned why Owen uses this outfit again on youtube. Considering Blue hasn’t seen him for 4 years, wearing the same outfit he used when she was baby would help Owen. He hopes that outfit would make Blue call to her mind her hatchlinghood.

  14. Omg I’m so excited!!!! I’ve been waiting for Carnotaurus since I was like 8. And maybe an Allosaurus?! I cant wait!!! Btw did anyone see the second ceratopsian??? You can see it during the stampede to the right of Owen and then underwater on the left of the screen right as the gyrosphere comes into frame. Definitely isn’t a Triceratops

  15. I just cannot describe the way I’m feeling right now. 😱🦖🌋 JWFK IS THE BEST MOVIE IN THIS WORLD! @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom

  16. I preferred the behind-the-scenes video to this, but I get what they’re going for in trying to keep the remainder of the plot under wraps for the general public. It’s a risk, because I’ve seen quite a few comments on other sites from people stating they have no interest in watching the film because the premise is too simplistic and the outcome of the island is revealed in the trailer, but I also think a second trailer will reveal more of the story and reduce those concerns, and maintain some excitement later down the line.

  17. Felt a little sad seeing all those dinos dieng, specially the drowning ankylos.
    Also tought that the rex killing the carno should have being left out, it would be a nice surprise.
    But, It was amazing! And I have the feeling that they’ve shown us only the basic, there is a volcano about to erupt and we need to save the dinossaurs, but I think that is so much more to it!
    Great trailer with few spoilers only, hyped AF right now!

  18. Can’t say I love this trailer to be honest. The pacing is all over the place and the relationship stuff at the start is pretty groan-worthy.

    I much prefer the BTS featurette from yesterday. The tone is more consistent and the new take on the JP theme kicked ass.

    If anything I appreciate the fact that they are only really showcasing the first half of the film.

  19. I’m all for this but I do have questions. Where did Carnotaurus and Compsognathus come from? I like continuity more than new for the sake of new and they weren’t on the list.

    Also, why did they have to have Dinosaurs falling off a cliff? Man, herbivores seem to be getting a reallly bad deal in these new films. Give the vegesaurs some love man!

    1. Which list are you referring to?

      Jurassic World showed several new species and they were constantly trying to add new ones to keep the public entertained and coming back, leading up to them making the first hybrid dinosaur (Indominus Rex).

    2. I’m scratching my head wondering the same thing. It would make a lot more sense if they were on Sorna, but being on Nublar? Unless they were on the island in captivity awaiting an attraction to open.

      1. There’s also a good chance that we didn’t see EVERY species in Jurassic World. There could have been Compys and who knows what else there, they just didn’t focus on it. There’s even the one scene in JW where they show a sick Pachycephalosaurus on a monitor in the control room, which was not on Nublar either.

  20. So it is official. Owen dies. No one survives a pyroclastic cloud. 😀
    Trailer looks goodish though. I still think that modern CGI looks bad when the setting is direct sunlight. I prefer my dinos in darkness with a harsh backlight. They tend to look much better that way, and it served the older movies well. But I admit that the story doesn‘t allow it in this case. 🙂

    1. The CGI for being six months out from release looks fantastic and way better than JW. As for the trailer, it wasn’t all that great in my opinion. I wish they had alluded to the fact that most of the movie takes place OFF the island.

    2. In general CGI is quite bad for every animal except for Blue, Trex and Carno. Even Allosaurs wasn’t very well made. Baryonyx has the worst model I’ve ever seen in the movies/documentaries or games. It’s sad indie developers of The Isle have way better models of Baryonyx and other animals having the small percentage of Universal Pictures budget and resources.

      Also I dislike how shiny scales on Blue are. This animal is covered by dust and dirt. Unless she takes bath in the river daily, no way scales can be so shinny.

      I hope they will improve the quality of CGI over time.

  21. I wonder if there will be any actual Velociraptors that want to eat them or will there just be Blue the Chirpy Happy Friendly Velociraptor? Sort of disappointing the T-Rex is no longer presented as something terrifying like the first two movies but instead a heroic figure that turns up to rescue the protagonists. Still, interesting to see a JP movie where they return to a now deserted, overgrown park. The part in the synopsis where it says ” a conspiracy that could return our entire planet to a perilous order not seen since prehistoric times” certainty sounds intriguing.

  22. I’m sooo hyped!!

    I hope we get to see another full tense scene with the Carnotaurus!! He’s frightning as hell!
    I hope for some night shots, like in the book!

    But I hope we don’t get a second TLW… the story looks very similar.
    A first act on the island, and a second one in the Lockwood Mansion.
    Maybe some Biosyn action in between?! With Wu being the leader of an army of war dinos…
    I hope not, actually…

    I’m hopeful with Bayona behind the camera, but not with Trevorrow on the script…

  23. There’s a shot in this trailer of some guys standing on top of a truck looking out the back of a transport (maybe a boat?). They are looking at lava flow. I’d say this is the rescue crew leaving the island in the nick of time with the dinos they’ve captured and we can assume Rexy is amongst them (because we see her in a container in the other previews).
    And, and, maybe the Carno got rescued too? Same as Rexy? It was still alive when Rexy roars… Please survive Carno! XD

    1. Yeah everyone says the carno is killed, but we so not actually see that. There are also parts missing from that scene judging by Owens position to the gyrosphere and the Carno. Sonwe so not know the actual flow of events.

  24. The trailer is not bad. Good stuff to draw People to the cinemas.

    I like the sound of the music like as of this is not the worst that will happen in the movie.

    But the best thing of the trailer is Goldblum. He sounds humble and old and his voice and lines sound damn awesome!

  25. The studio is obviously going for the “evacuation” plotline for general publicity. I don’t think many people outside the dedicated Jurassic fanbase will have paid much attention to the behind-the-scenes featurette for example. They’re playing down the Indoraptor-Wu plotline, at least in this first official trailer. No Lockwood Estate, no Dr. Wu, no mention of hybrids etc. That must have been a deliberate choice on the studio’s part. It seems to me they’ll be two overlapping major plotlines – the evacuation of animals from Isla Nublar during the volcanic eruption and the Indoraptor-Lockwood-Wu plotline overlapping (or following) it. A definite tonal shift from previous films in the franchise, if this trailer is anything to go by.

  26. Jurassic World was reopened years after the failure of the Jurassic Park themepark. It would be completely logically for Moranci and Wu to expand upon the original species list.

  27. The only fan favorite dinosaurs we did’nt see yet are pachycepholasaurus, parasaurolophus and dilophosaurus. I hope dilophosaurus has a nice part in this one man!!

  28. The trailer is really good at pulling the punches but there’s just one thing that irks me. As much as I love seeing Carnotaurus finally introduced to the franchise(minus camouflage) I have to present the same question as Benjamin above, where the heck did this thing come from? They better at least handwave it with some kind of explanation(like them being Wu’s personal stock from some restricted enclosure) since there was no sign of them in the previous movie. You can’t just expect people to believe that these things appear out of thin air(pun unintended).

  29. This trailer did nothing to wow me.. they presented the movie like it will be all more of the same. People who just liked JW or didn’t like it at all won’t be drawn into a theater after seeing this.
    We all know there is a bigger story here but for people who dont visit JP fan sites or follow JP news this will be a TLW rehash with a volcano plastered on it. Also the Carnotaurus feels wasted here just to show of Rexy. I’ll be there on opening day 😉

  30. If all that stampede/gyro action takes place right before the T-rex appears… and then that cloud of the eruption destroys everything in its path leading to that cliff… doesnt that mean it is likely that the T-rex is also being killed by that eruption??? Bye bye Roberta…

      1. Hmm… but how did they capture the rex so quickly? Unless the order of events is shuffled in the trailer. I theorise that the rex/carno scene takes place before the eruption as Claire and the boy go looking for Owen. Then they encounter the rex and escape. Or maybe the rex then gets tranquilized by dino hunting crew. Seems the only way they would get out of that situation.

  31. Amazing! There’s a TLW feel to it a bit, like people taking dinosaurs off the island but they’re not the bad guys. (I’ve read other comments and I am not the only one who thinks that it feels like TLW!! lol) They’re rescuing them. Well, the films is way darker than the previous ones. I’m excited about this one!! And we’re getting to see new dinos!

  32. It’s obvious this whole trailer only shows the first half of the film. We already know that a good portion of the film takes place at the Lockwood mansion. We’ve confirmed this with the behind the scenes video.

  33. gotta say, that was awesome. but the carnotaurus was not killed, the t-rex was asserting her dominance and taking out the biggest threat, before moving on to eating the humans. or at least that my guess. liking the JP3 throwbacks, and the JP1 ford. but the volcano feels too convenient, as of there is some guy going “oo, and too build suspense, we’ll activate a dormant volcano on one of the only 2 islands with dinosaurs while people are trying get the dinos off!” but the dinos look amazing, even in daylight. music is better than the entire JP3 score. Bad trailer, but the movie looks like it will be awesome.

    1. Let’s be honest, T-rex and Carno have no reason to start hunting at that moment to begin with, when there is vulcano erupting right behind them. Therefore that scene breaks my suspension of disbelief hard.

  34. It’s not a great trailer but I’m excited that this is only the start of the film.
    Not sold on the music but Bayona talked up his composer so I have faith.
    trueJPfan I agree this could indeed be awesome 😬

  35. This trailer is SO close to perfect.

    I wish they cut out the part after the Carnos roar to the whole Rex reveal and roar. To die heart fans it doesn’t make any sense what is going on in the scene. Yes, I know parts are missing the Gyro is upside-down behind a tree and then they are just sitting in it, but why is the Carno and Rex even stopping? My only guess is eruptions happen in waves and they are both hungry… idk. I really don’t understand any other arguments against this though, it’s just a trailer (and the first one).

    I do think the impact was completely ruined by all those teasers and especially the BTS one. Why would you show BTS before the trailer? It should have been released with the second trailer.

  36. loved the trailer, the look of the film is awesome, and the dinos “feel” real. like they have depth and shape and form. the t-rex in JW, it seems like a paper thin creation, just from pure optics.


    am i the only one looking at the black girl behind Malcolm in the court room? she’s the only one standing up, and to me, she seems concerned. i’m positive that’s Kelly from TLW lol

  37. Are you guys going to do a comprehensive review in text on the website like you did for Jurassic World? This website has basically been leading up to this trailer and yet you have a load of screenshots, but no analysis.

  38. I liked this trailer, and I’ve grown to appreciate it even more after Trevorrow tweeted a fan that all these scenes belong to the first 57 minutes of the film. Whatsmore, he said the film is not all catastrophe-based as this trailer suggests. According to him, after this there’s a lot more tension and suspense than the trailer shows. Therefore, I assume there are going to be moments of fear and scares in the second half of the film. Bayona himself said last week, while here in Brazil for Comic Con, that his favorite scene from the first Jurassic Park is the velociraptor in the kitchen one and that he tried to emulate that atmosphere in his new installment.

    At first I was disappointed that the trailer seemed to me a slightly different version of TLW. But then I reminded myself that nothing was shown or even teased of the Lockwood mansion. And Toby Jones or Rafe Spall’s characters. Or even Lockwood himself. And Henry Wu. So guys, I believe it’s safe to assume the film is much bigger than it already seems. I’m not going to lose heart, especially because I trust Bayona. All his films prior to this one were fantastic. I refuse to believe that his first failure is going to be Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

    1. also, i think the new movies NEED throwbacks to TLWJP and JP3, not just relying on JP1 for hints and teases. like the plane, for instance. it better get demolished by a dino, maybe even a large carnivore while they’re flyng low!

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