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Mattel Teases First Look at Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toy!

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom doesn’t release until June of 2018, but the toys will come a little sooner – specifically April 16th, 2018. While they have yet to be officially unveiled to the public, we suspect that Toy Fair in February of 2018 will be the date the curtain is formally lifted.

Thankfully the wait was made easier: Mattel officially yet quietly snuck in a first look in a recent article with Fortune!

Fortune recently ran an article titled “Can a Tech Makeover Save the Toy Industry?” where they went deep into the behind the scenes process of toy making with Mattel. It’s well worth the read, so be sure to check it out once you’re done with our Jurassic-centric splinter article. Buried within the article was an image showcasing their prototype creation process (pictured above), and in the mix of prototypes was a clear Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex head!

Let’s take a closer look:

Right away the sculpt is clearly Jurassic, with a nice attention to detail when it comes to form factor – something recent Hasbro outings lacked. The skull and muscular structure looks dead on. This individual prototype seems to be lacking the finer levels of skin and scale detail, and at this time, it remains unclear if the final item will evolve in those regards. While there’s room for improvement with the aforementioned fine detail, the sculpt shape is the best the franchise has ever seen – especially the teeth, which are surprisingly perfect.

We’re unsure of what exact Tyrannosaurus Rex toy this represents (or if the prototype was printed in the correct size), but perhaps it’s our first look at the “Thrash N’ Throw T-Rex“? Mattel currently has an internal showcase for the Jurassic World lineup for license and retail partners – while we can’t get a look at the toys themselves, we can see a lot of work went into the display (pictured below). Whatever Rex head prototype represents, we’re sure the actual product is on display just out of sight there!

For more on the Mattel Jurassic World lineup check out our exclusive scoop article – though be aware some details have changed, such as the release date of the Legacy Collection being pushed back. Considering this is the first time a company outside of Kenner/Hasbro has handled the Jurassic license for an action figure toy range, we were nervous about what the future would hold – but as this first look shows, we’re in good hands with Mattel.

Are you excited for the Mattel Jurassic World toys? Let us know what you think of the sculpt pictured, and what you hope to see in the future!

Source: Fortune

Special thanks to Salernojp on JPToys for the heads up!


26 thoughts on “Mattel Teases First Look at Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Toy!

    1. Im gonna buy those toys and im only 11 but im a jurassic park and world and fallen kingdom fan and i cant wait for trex to come out im so gettint these toys for my birthday and christmas.

      1. I think you need to read the article again in the mattel scoop they sad in late 2017 or in early 2018 now they sad that the legacy line date had bein pushed back so i think it’s gonna be somewhere around march ore april or realy mayby somewhere in december but not in julli

  1. If you look under Mattel’s trademarks, you see a section entitled “ZombiSaurs”
    Zombie dinosaurs? Kinda sounds like a SyFy channel thing. I don’t know if this ties into JW:FK, but I don’t think Mattel has any other Dinosaur lines.

  2. Until this, the closest we had to a JP Rex toy has been from Papo and that wasn’t even an official product. From what this shows, Mattel has the touch that the merchandising side is in dire need of.

  3. Looks pretty small but maybe that’s just me hey as long as we get an array of figures vehicles and playsets from all 5 movies I’ll be pleased hell maybe if they do a great job I’ll play with them something I couldn’t do with the JW toy line,but my wife might look at me weird if I do that but hey it’s Jurassic park you can’t go wrong.

  4. Nothing to do with the post, but I really hope November is the month for Fallen Kingdom to show its fangs. It’s taking forever for them to do/say anything about the film.

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