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More Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando Updates Roar in as Roller Coaster Layout is Unearthed!

Just three days ago we covered some of the updates coming to Jurassic Park at Islands of Adventure, pertaining to a new roller coaster and Jurassic World re-theme – now even more concrete details have surfaced, revealing the (current) layout of the ride!

First reported by WFTV News, and then covered in greater detail by Alicia Stella at Orlando Park Stop, we have a great idea of what changes are coming to the Florida park. The layout was obtained by both parties by looking into permits filed for the demolition and construction activities planned for the park – take at look at the layout reconstructed by Orlando Park Stop in the image below!

Image courtesy of Orlando Park Stop

The ride, as proposed, is a high-thrills multi-launch roller coaster which begins its queue down in front of the Discovery Center by the waterfront. Not much is know about it, other than theming will be kept to a minimum (more Incredible Hulk, less Expedition Everest) and will be Velociraptor themed – reportedly letting riders “be a raptor” as they escape from their paddock. Velociraptor’s are known for their speed, and this ride will be no different as it’s rumored to be the fastest multi-launch roller coaster eclipsing 73 mph.

As shown in the track layout, there will be a small show scene at the opening of the ride, which reportedly features a Raptor paddock. While it’s unknown if it will be themed off of the iconic paddock from Jurassic Park, or the one from World, most signs point to the latter. In all likelihood, this scene and ride is based upon Jurassic World when the Velociraptors are released from their enclosure to hunt for the Indominus Rex (“Hunt for the Indominus Rex” would make a great ride name now that I think about it).

Construction is expected to take about 1 and 1/2 years, gearing for a mid 2020 or early 2021 opening at the latest.

The majority of the ride will takeover the abandoned Triceratops Encounter plot of land, but will effect numerous other smaller attractions in the area, leading to some relocation. In my last article I talked about why I’m not exactly thrilled about this coaster (which sounds like a lot of fun to be fair), as I’d rather have an authentic and well themed addition to Jurassic Park which really transports me to that prehistoric island. However, I remain hopeful that Universal Creative will keep innovating, and perhaps add more show scenes and theming to this ride before it’s locked in.

Jurassic is Universal’s biggest brand, and it’s overflowing with imagination including inspiring adventure, iconic movie scenes, beautiful locales, and incredible dinosaurs to bring to life – the area could easily rival the Wizarding World, Avatar Land, and Star Wars Land if they really allow it to grow and thrive.

As for the rumored Jurassic World re-theme, it’s almost assuredly coming, although this coaster may open prior. However, as reported by Midway Mayhem, the construction walls are sporting the colder and modern Jurassic World themed key art as opposed to the brighter more safari themed Park aesthetic.

Whatever the future may hold, one thing is for certain: Jurassic Park at Orlando Florida is evolving, and something new will be hatching soon. Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and as always, stay tuned for the latest news!

Source: WFTV News, Orlando Park Stop


9 thoughts on “More Jurassic Park at Universal Orlando Updates Roar in as Roller Coaster Layout is Unearthed!

  1. Gross! What a screw up. The Jurassic World color scheme sucks! They need to build the coaster but keep this park as Jurassic Park. They should make a section of that new park they are building as Jurassic World. They would assuredly make more money that way. They think the kids nowadays would want World. But my kids who range from 3 to 13 much prefer Park at its color schemes. They are dissapointed in the phasing out of Jurassic Park.

  2. Can you tell me the exact date in 2019 this ride will be open & available to the public to enjoy? It looks & sounds OUTSTANDING! We love UNISTU & IOA, we visit each & every single year, sometimes we’re blessed to visit twice in one year!🥰

  3. no I totally disagree with the comments, Jurassic Park is outdated the theming is aged and the colour schemes are dull and boring, jurassic world is futuristic and would be an amazing them change I am visiting this summer and as a jurassic world fan I hope that it will be changed from the last time I visited.
    the rides were incredible but it was annoying that the only way you could see the dinosaurs was via river adventure and as someone scared shitless of heights, river adventures drop isn’t for me so I didn’t even see any dinos! – I want a blue jurassic world theme change, jurassic world roller coaster and updated river adventure for this summer!

    1. I think you meant…


      Jurassic Park, with it’s Striped Safari theme has a air, a feeling, a whisper of adventure I cannot describe. Jurassic World may be new and exciting, for a time, but everyone will love and adore Jurassic Park for the ages to come.

      And the books have no small part to play in that.

      Jurassic Park Forever!

      *By the way, I love Jurassic Park in Hollywood, and I am terrified of heights!

  4. This blows. JW blows, and this is just one more case of Universal dropping trou and unloading a sick triceratops-size #2 all over one of its most valuable IP’s.

    Man, I wish Michael Crichton were here to have some words about this…


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