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There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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New Shots from Extended Fallen Kingdom Trailer Tease Feature Mystery Dino!

This exciting week continues with an extended look at the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom ‘Run’ tease that was released on Sunday. In this new clip that was broadcast this evening, things are starting to get heated – just like Nublar’s volcano – which happens to be the star of the new shots. A catastrophic beauty.

As you can see the teaser isn’t vastly different from the first 15 second tease but comes with the addition of new shots, giving us a new, gorgeous establishing shot of the volcano erupting. Also featured is a new look at the stampede which has added a dinosaur to the list – either a Baryonyx or a Suchomimus.

This would be the first time either species would be making their series debuts and would be our first full body look at the creature. While it is hard to fully clarify which species this is due to the quality of the clip, it is undeniably a new species that has not featured in the franchise before.

The tease also features more of Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady, and a herd of rampaging dinosaurs running for safety from the cloud of destruction that is right on their tracks. Alongside this new creature, fan favourites like the Gallis, Ankylosaurs, and Trikes can be seen.

The image above is from the Jurassic World park promotion site that shows off art for the Suchomimus. This art bears a resemblance to the creature seen in the footage, although we cannot be fully certain at this point. Some fans have speculated that it may even be a Metriacanthosaurus. The official website for Jurassic World lists the Suchomimus as being the larger of the animals and it also shares a similar colour scheme, however a more detailed look will be needed to be able to properly distinguish the creatures.

You can expect to see even more footage this evening as Chris Pratt is set to guest host Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC, so stay locked in as we will have more coverage! Hopefully we will get a clearer shot of this mystery beast.

If you are interested in a more nuanced and a deeper dive into the footage so far, Chris and Jack have a discussion of what we have seen so far on the InGeneral Podcast and analyze all the details from it. Listen below!

Stay tuned for higher resolution images and footage for a more in depth breakdown of the leading up the trailer on Thursday!


14 thoughts on “New Shots from Extended Fallen Kingdom Trailer Tease Feature Mystery Dino!

  1. First of all, 5th of December? (Time zones maybe?) But also I do not see the Baryonyx anywhere in the stampede, and the teaser looks exactly the same….

  2. As long as it is something listed on the Park’s species list then I’m happy.

    Long talons and elongated snout… I’m going to say Suchomimus or Baryonyx too.

  3. So the “sewer gator” wasn’t the Baryonyx. I’m feeling especially vindicated.

    *ahem* Forgive the jerkishness, but I’m glad we got that sorted out. While I won’t rule out this beastie being Suchomimus just yet, it probably is Baryonyx. It would be nice to give it a scene showing it as a fish-eater (ie— stumbling in on its turf, but it just gives the characters a glance before returning to fishing). It would certainly help show that not all of the carnivores are as dangerous as Rexy and the Indominus.

    1. Trevorrow confirmed on Twitter that the Sewer gator is the Baryonyx, so vindication revoked.

      And I doubt that the movie will include two Spinosaurs, the general public would probably get confused

  4. For now, we first need a HD clip.
    But since it is running between all those herbivores, my best guess is at least one of these 3, baryonyx, metriacanthosaurus or suchomimus, because these are the only 3 carnivores/fisheaters that are living between the herbivores in the area of the Cretacious Cruise. And a majority of this stampede lived in the area of the Cretacious Cruise.

    On the other hand, dinosaurs run free on Isla Nublar now, so it could also just be a carnivore that was hunting over there.
    In my opinion it’s too small to be a suchomimus.
    But thursday is coming and then we will be overwhelmed with JW! I for one can’t wait!

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