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Opinion: It’s Time We Get Some Answers About Jurassic World’s ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Short Film

This article is a guest contribution by Thomas Fishenden.

February has come to be an exciting time for Jurassic World fans – with New York Toy Fair usually leading to the reveal of a plethora of Jurassic merchandise which fans of the franchise will have the opportunity to sink their teeth into over the coming year. This year’s Toy Fair brought more with it than usual, however, with Mattel’s sales reps giving us a tantalization tease in the form of a secret which they weren’t meant to let slip on the show floor. According to them, fans of their toyline could look forward to both a Nasutoceratops and a brand-new Allosaurus joining their line, modeled on an upcoming live action short film which was set to debut before Universal’s ‘Hobbs and Shaw’ – the next instalment in their popular Fast and Furious franchise.

During May, two brand-new dual attack figures from Mattel hit store shelves, featuring new branding which called out this short in the form of a small graphics stating that these characters were ‘As seen in Battle at Big Rock’. But, more than two weeks after the release of Hobbs & Shaw, this highly anticipated short film is still nowhere to be seen.

The absence didn’t come as a massive surprise to Outpost. It was already heard that there had been a little bit of trouble over the experimental films budget, which had reportedly exceeded the ten-million-dollar threshold. With such a high-cost for what was to be a smaller story, it appears the studio decided late in the game that they had wanted a more traditional content delivery method. This is most likely a step to try and turn a profit on the project, given the large cost which ended up being attached to it.

However, all this silence and behind the scenes uncertainty has led to a growth of pessimism within the online community. Rather than build excitement and anticipation, many Jurassic fans are now worried whether this project will ever see the light of day.

Despite several toys with ‘Battle at Big Rock’ branding already being available for several months now, Universal Pictures have still yet to acknowledge that this short film even exists. This radio silence from the studio has, understandably, got many members of the fan base worried about the direction this project may take. You may remember that, recently, we debuted some storyboards from a scrapped Jurassic Park: The Lost World animated show, which never saw the light of day. It is safe to say that cancelled projects like this, combined with a track record of production troubles for the Jurassic franchise have led to many fans becoming used to exciting new projects suddenly disappearing from the Universal release calendar. Even more troubling than this is the fact that Walmart (who have had a solid track-record with carrying Mattel products) have now decided to drop the ‘Dual Attack’ line altogether – suggesting that this may be a move to remove the Allosaurus and Nasutoceratops from shelves altogether. It strikes us as bizarre that, even before the project’s release, Universal seem to be taking steps to kill the tie-in synergy which they pushed for the short.

Whether Big Rock was intended to debut as a secret project or not, it is safe to say that Jurassic fans now know this project exists. Continuing to maintain a degree of secrecy when products from the short are already available seems to be a gross misjudgement of the community, and one which we hoped is rectified sooner rather than later. We’re hopeful that the powers that be will hear the concerns of the fanbase, and will let us know that this Battle is far from over. There are still many more adventures to explore in a Jurassic World.



16 thoughts on “Opinion: It’s Time We Get Some Answers About Jurassic World’s ‘Battle at Big Rock’ Short Film

  1. I PURCHASED the Hobbs and Shaw tickets on presale, just to see the Battle at Big Rock short. A few days after I did, I read an article that there was not going to be a short shoing after all. Maybe it was a scheme to sell more tickets. It sure worked on me…hahahahah…sniff, sniff.

    1. I don’t know. I’m well aware that this franchise has had countless projects get scrapped in the past. But Colin seems pretty passionate about this franchise. I’d say it’s pretty possible we may get to see it just a long while later than had hoped. Believe me as a stop-motion animator, I’ve set goals to release my animations, but I always had to postpone them because they were all more tedious than I had thought they would. We’ll have to see for ourselves.

  2. I heard a rumor that the Battle of Big Rock branding has been starting to be taken off of the packaging for the two toys, but I’m not sure.

  3. I’ve wanted to see my favorite dino (Allosaurus) in a Jurassic movie since I saw the first movie. Finally appeared in Fallen Kingdom but it got the short end of the stick marketing-wise, with Baryonyx and ESPECIALLY Carnotaurus appearing everywhere! Where is my JW Allosaurus shirt, cup, Lego set, or even an ILM render?!

  4. Considering they have already spend a considerable amount of money on the project I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes something like a Netflix-exclusive ”movie”

  5. There appears to have been a blunder with the timing. And in business time is money. It happens when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

  6. My five year old hopes it is an animated movie about an allosaurus who gets out and at the last minute someone comes to save the Dinos and take them to a more safe place.

  7. If the project does end up getting “scrapped” then at least those toys will have a bit more value which will be cool (especially since I already have doubles of the Nasutoceratops and one allosaurus)

  8. I’ve been starving for new Jurassic chills. Given all the things that Colin Trevorrow has already gone out of his way to do in the past already, it just states how passionate he is about this franchise. So if anything, there just may be a high chance of us getting to see this later on. He doesn’t seem to want to let this thing go like many others have with past projects. The Lost World animated series and such. Colin really seems to care about all this. He even wants to make a Live Action series. I mainly just want to see this to see if we’ve gone back to having the feeling of a traditional Jurassic franchise movie. I was very disappointed that Fallen Kingdom just felt like nothing but a basic movie to me and many other flaws I don’t have time to discuss about it. I have my faith in Colin that he will bring back the vibe that JA just completely failed to keep up on in Fallen Kingdom.

  9. At this point, we’ll just have to see for ourselves. Colin Trevorrow seems to be pretty passionate about this franchise. While many other projects have failed in the past, I don’t think Colin is willing to just let this thing go. 50-50 is my assumption. I mainly want to see this due to how disappointing Fallen Kingdom was. That movie makes me want to gag. All I really hope for is that it gets back on its feet with a suitable setup/environment and a Robin-Williams/Michael-Giacchino style score. Fallen Kingdom tasted so bad. Felt like nothing more than a basic monster film, then there were the zoo animals that got released into civilization by such a forgettable, annoying character. (I respect all opinions that differ, let’s just hope that Battle At Big Rock can bring us all back together and bring us back to the beginning.)

  10. If it isn’t scrapped, let’s please hope it brings back the chilling feel of the traditional JP franchise. Fallen Kingdom was such a mess. Bad plot, Major Plot Holes, Annoying unneeded characters, and a very terrible very basic setup. Butt-cheeks crossed in hopes that Colin Trevorrow will bring back the classic JW/JP type chills. I despise what JA Bayona did. (I respect all opinions that differ, please don’t shoot me in the head.)

    1. Actually, Colin is the person that wrote the plot. He gets responsibility for the horribly written plot. JA Bayona just executed it the best he could.

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