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Rare Jurassic Park Storyboards Reveal Scrapped Scene – T. rex at the Lagoon!

In January and February we shared two sets of storyboards that showed deleted or alternate takes on scenes from Jurassic Park. The storyboards came from Phil Tippett’s personal collection which recently went up for auction, with Jurassic Time‘s creator Derrick Davis having won a storyboard binder in that auction. Since he won, he has been sorting through the binder and has been sharing scans online!

Along with the sequences we shared, various other deleted and alternate sequences were shared, such as the Helicopter Rescue, Morning Tree, Raptor Escape from Pen and Raptor Stalking Through Rotunda. To conclude these amazing reveals, Derrick has now shared the Tyrannosaurus at the Lagoon sequence, which never made it into the movie!

Derrick describes the sequence and storyboards below:

“Jurassic Park was a breathtaking film by Steven Spielberg; filled with spectacle, wonder, and imagination. Likewise, the novel and the adaptation process included many inventive ideas. This video presents one of the most famous ideas that didn’t make it into the film: “Tyrannosaurus Rex At The Lagoon”. Following closely to the tense sequence from the novel, the filmmakers also revised it with their own ideas, more than once. This version appears to be the last of the revisions, before it was scrapped entirely; along with the rest of the “river adventure” that was inspired and adapted into the classic Universal Studios attractions.

This video uses the official original storyboards that were contained in Phil Tippett’s Early Sequence Storyboard Binder, from his own collection. They have never been publicly seen before. This video was made to dramatize the sequence with original music by Derrick Davis and Mikhail Cucuk, inspired by the John Williams Jurassic Park themes. It is made for entertainment and educational purposes only. Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures own any copyrights to the material. See video for full credits of this production.

As stated above, along with the storyboards which are now all available for download here, Derrick produced a video with original music to show how the sequence could have played out! Check that out below:

Clearly a serious amount of work went into this so we have to thank Derrick for his efforts here. The original score complimented the visuals and gave us a true look at what this sequence may have played like if it had made it to the film.


We know many sequences were cut from the movie before or during filming which begs the question: do you believe the movie (which in most of our minds is perfect anyway!) would have benefited from this sequence being left in? Now that we’re able to see alternate scenes or deleted scenes it’s an interesting topic to discuss.

Along with the reveals online you can watch the unboxing of the storyboard binder here.

Thanks again to Derrick for sharing these storyboards with us and for the video! Let us know what you think of the Tyrannosaurus in the Lagoon in the comments section below!


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