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It Seems Jurassic World 2 Sets Are Currently Being Constructed in Minley, Surrey (UK)

In just two weeks time cameras will start rolling at Pinewood Studios for Jurassic World 2. Actors are beginning to show up in London to start principle photography on the sequel, with newcomers James Cromwell and Ted Levine having just been announced.

Minley Manor

We recently heard a rumor that added another filming location (Harrow, London) to the list, and now we have received some substantial information that puts the area of Minley, Surrey in the spotlight. The location is roughly an hour’s drive from Pinewood Studios, and permits for filming and set building have been awarded to the production.

We first received an email with some information on sets being constructed on “Army Training grounds” in Minley, leading us to this location, which has been used previously for films such as The Avengers, Stardust, and Die Another Day. While we’ve learned Jurassic World 2 won’t be filming at the Manor itself, after receiving more information and corroborating filming/construction permits we were able to determine that the film will be utilizing the surrounding area of Hawley Common, and the former Pyestock Jet Engine test site.

Hawley Common will be used for “primary set build, filming and support areas, including parking and unit base.” Filming at Hawley Common is set to begin on Tuesday 18th April and will wrap on Tuesday 2nd May, with construction and deconstruction taking place before and after. The breakdown for set build and sequences is as follows (refer to above picture for reference):

  • Location 1 (lower location): Set construction at the western end of the hardstanding, consisting of rear elevation of a house. Scripted action to involve an approach from the east by vehicles and cast on foot. Cast subsequently flee in response to a dramatic event. Scene to be modified by VFX in post production. [may use atmospheric smoke machines]
  • Location 2 (upper location): Set construction at south east end of location, comprising elements of the front elevation of a house. Dressing in front of set (including vegetation props) to create grand approach to imagined structure. Vehicles are seen arriving at the location. Scene to be modified with VFX in post production. [may use atmospheric smoke machines]

They will also be filming only at night nearby at the former Pyestock Jet Engine test site (Hartland Park, Bramshot Lane, Farnborough), which consists of one large set, a basecamp, and a helicopter landing zone. The breakdown is as follows (refer to picture above for reference)

  • This set build space contains 4-5 set structures, the tallest being 11 meters high. These structures will primarily be used as backdrop for filming activity. Helicopter landing zone is attached adjacent to structures. Scene involves use of a Bell Huey Helicopter and wind machines.

From the information we have discovered, both sites will be used for extensive set building, heavy vehicle use, heavy lighting use, and green screen usage. The Hartland Park locale is fairly open, though we imagine the sets will be locked from easy view via security measure. The site at Hawley Common is an MoD Army Training Area attached to the Royal Engineers Gibraltar Barracks, and the surrounding area contains numerous hiking/bike trails open to the public. Anyone walking those paths may be able to see some filming activity, which is always cool!

Pyestock filming location

While it is unclear exactly what they will be filming here – especially considering we know absolutely nothing about the plot (and I do hope it stays that way!) – we have been informed that there will be extensive vehicle movements during the different phases of filming. Peak levels “include 150-200 cars, shuttle busses and 20-25 lorries.” Locals eager to catch a glimpse of the production should look out for vehicles from Pinewood Studios, or signs referring to a production called ‘Ancient Futures’!

What do we take from this information? Nothing, really. Set building on large, open sites is not uncommon and is often cheaper than using the sound stages at nearby studios. Due to Star Wars using a large number of the Pinewood stages, it’s unclear how much access Jurassic World 2 actually has at the site, which would lead to them utilizing nearby land. Jurassic World built the Main Street set in the parking lot of the abandoned Six Flags in New Orleans, and used plate shots of Hawaii to replace the background (see below).


In somewhat related news, Jurassic World Spain uncovered a photo that actress Daniella Pineda posted – and then swiftly deleted – which possibly hints at the new title for the sequel. Her thumb covers the word after “Jurassic” in the gift card, although it’s likely the word was either World or Five. I guess that means Jurassic Thumb is confirmed.

Stay tuned for more news and information and be sure to follow us on Twitter!



9 thoughts on “It Seems Jurassic World 2 Sets Are Currently Being Constructed in Minley, Surrey (UK)

  1. This is some seriously impressed be investigative journalism you guys. 👍 I wonder how many stages at Pinewood are reserved for JW2?

  2. Thanks guys for all your hard work in finding his info, much appreciated, but what does “strike” period mean on that white document?

  3. Went for a nosey last night but was chased away by some security guards in a van marked ‘Dog Unit’. Saw a massive floodlight, a couple of cranes and some kind of construction but would loved to have seen more.

  4. I walk my dogs around this area and we have a treasure trove of places like this from the cold war that are just coming to light. Fascinating place to live if you like that sort of thing.

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