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“Almost at the Halfway Point…” Frank Marshall Shares Dinosaur Filled Image from Jurassic World 2 Set!

Back in March, a few weeks after the sequel to Jurassic World began filming, Colin Trevorrow shared the first set picture from the movie, featuring a little girl staring up at a large, intimidating skull inside a large mansion.

Today producer Frank Marshall tweeted another photo from this same set, to celebrate the production nearly reaching the halfway point.

In the photo we can see the producer’s chairs – names printed in the classic Jurassic font – as well as director J.A. Bayona’s chair to the right. What’s most interesting about the image though, is what we’re able to see in the background reflections. Most obvious is the large dinosaur seen in the middle…

While it’s unclear what species this is, it could be a Metriacanthosaurus, a species not before seen in the Jurassic Park franchise, although the species was seen listed in the embryo storage containers in Jurassic Park, as well as on the map in Jurassic World. It is unclear whether or not this is a museum statue diorama (such as those found in real-world dinosaur theme parks) or a full-size animatronic. While the latter is doubtful, from what we can see of the dinosaur, it looks to be of a high quality.

What you may have missed is the reflection of the T. rex, seen under the tail of the Metriacanthosaurus.

As we know the iconic T. rex will be returning, and this reflection confirms that at least the species will be seen again. While it’s unclear if this is “Rexy”, this too could be showing an animatronic from the set.

You can also make out some of the original skeletons of dinosaurs that were seen in the photo that Colin shared.

So what do you make of this new set photo? Are you more excited for Jurassic World 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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19 thoughts on ““Almost at the Halfway Point…” Frank Marshall Shares Dinosaur Filled Image from Jurassic World 2 Set!

  1. Looks like a glass window exhibit. The dinosaur is the most curious aspect since it has a raptor-like skull. Could it be a hybrid of some sort? Eventually we’ll learn.

  2. The reflection is the same as the animal in the main shot, and after some quick comparisons it becomes apparent that this is a Concavenator. This is indicated by the following: the dip in the hump, the abrupt start of the hump over the legs, the full extent of which is blocked by the reflection of the windows, and finally the snout ridge. Metricanthosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus have a consistent hump and the later is too big anyway.

    Let’s remember that the island only has one raptor and she’s friendly. Dilophosaurus is always used as a ranged support class, so this critter could be the primary animal antagonist…

  3. Im afraid that it could be another hybrid, a new variation of the Indominus, ince even when is hard to tell, looks like the arms are quite similar… it might have thumbs also… Metriacantosaurus didnt have that dorsal spine.. it could be also a concavenator

  4. Definitely not a concavenator, unless it’s had major surgery :p

    My assumption is that the skin mohawk is a fictionalised addition to what could be any one of a number of Jurassic therapods. Assuming it’s based on any real dinosaur. Tbh, it’s looking more and more likely that the story will hinge heavily on genetic hybrids.

  5. I’m not convinced that’s an animatronic, in all the pictures from previous film they’re never full body like that. This thing has full legs and a stand by the look of it. I guess this could be a trophy? Like, they killed and stuffed it for display?
    As for it’s species, I’m keen to see Acro but could this be an Allosaurus? The three claws, ridges on the skull above the eyes…
    The dorsal spine doesn’t fit though for Allo. I don’t know, pumped to find out in the movie!

    1. I was thinking the same thing actually. I never seen any animatronic that is full bodied.
      Also how the hell did these two Dino’s get inside this mansion? Lol
      That’s a good guess about it possibly just being a stuffed trophy.

      1. If it is a trophy room could ‘rexy’ be the next trophy? Would be horrible to see the ‘confirmed’ reports of rexy appearing in the next instalment turning out to be a trophy kill…or…rexy could have been captured to be a trophy but has somehow broken free and is on the loose for revenge etc (very lost worldy though i suppose).

        But either way its very exciting, cant wait for the film!

  6. The image is very interesting! I can’t wait to see the film as it’s nearly on the same day as my birthday!

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