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Bryce Dallas Howard More or Less Confirms Return of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 3!

Hold on to your butts – it seems the original Jurassic Park trio are returning in Jurassic World 3!

Either this is the worst kept secret ever, or they knew they couldn’t keep this contained, and decided to have fun with it up until the official announcement. Either way, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard talk of Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum returning, but now Sam Neill has joined the party. Speaking to MTV while promoting Rocketman, Bryce Dallas Howard couldn’t contain her excitement when asked if she would be acting alongside those iconic Jurassic Park characters.

Check out the clip below!

We understand Bryce, we wouldn’t be able to keep up a poker face if we had to keep that secret either! Now that the cat has been let out of the bag many, many times, we think it’s time Universal just makes it official – it would be a great Jurassic June gift to the community, even if it is early in the news cycle.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the character of Claire Dearing, Jurassic World’s ex-operations manager, who was last seen on the Californian coastline with Owen Grady, Maisie Lockwood, and some pesky Pteranodons. How Dr.’s Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm may cross Claire’s path is an exciting prospect overflowing with unknown opportunity. With the dinosaurs on the loose in California, as well as the species sold and transported to shady underworld locations worldwide, we’re sure each of these characters could have their hands full in various different ways.

Are you excited to see the return of the original Jurassic Park characters return in 2021 with Jurassic World 3, and how do you want them to be integrated into the story? Sound off in the comments below and let us know your thoughts!


29 thoughts on “Bryce Dallas Howard More or Less Confirms Return of Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, and Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World 3!

  1. That is good news. I just hope they don’t end up being sub-used, only as “posh” guest appearances. I hope they are truly integrated to the plot. It would be a nice way to wrap and really bring together the two trilogies.

  2. I just hope they’ll be used for a good amount of time (unlike Malcolm was in FK) and they aren’t shoehorned into the story. If their presence doesn’t make sense storywise I really don’t want to see them but if they can come up with some good reasons/motivations for those 3 to be there I’m all for it!

    1. I always hear this “if it doesn’t make sense story-wise”…
      So frigging write the story for it to make sense. It’s not like they’re going to have some earth-shattering Oscar-winning plot for us otherwise.

      Just give us Grant staring down Rexy again. Don’t care how.

  3. Great to see the original three returning, especially the lovely Laura Dern. However, I have zero faith left in Trevorrow & the writing team and I predict they’ll squander this opportunity.

  4. I think they still should have made it that at the end of fallen kingdom, one of the auctioned dinosaurs should have arrived at Alan Grants house.

  5. Why is anyone surprised??? Everyone KNOWS the story will suck thanks to little, miss Pacific Rim Uprising. They really have no choice but to go for the nostalgia option in order to profit.

    1. Is this a mood swing, or which Ben are you??

      Forget the classic trio…

      Will the real Ben please stand up?

  6. I really hope that they can get the actors who are still alive to reprise their roles of the surviving characters from Jurassic movie franchise.

  7. I hope so much that these elements will be introduced in Jurassic World 3:
    -The return of the old characters from the original Jurassic Park trilogy played by the same actors, alongside the new characters from the first episodes of Jurassic World: Allan Grant, Ellie Sattler, Tim, Alex, Ian Malcom, Sarah Harding, Kelly Malcom, Nick Van Owen, Billy Brennan, and maybe Charlie the son of Ellie Sattler seen in JP3, and Barry of JW.
    -Blue meeting Alan Grant where the latter, at first he distrusts her but later learns to trust her and eventually team up with Blue when she asks him for help, for example to save Owen Grady.
    Alan Grant could also use his “Raptor Resonance Chamber” seen in Jurassic Park 3, to communicate with Blue or to call him in case he is threatened by either a predator or mischievous humans or other type of help.
    -Blue with a male raptor similar to those of Jurassic Park 3, where in the end they mate and have offspring. But I do not want Blue to die in Jurassic World 3.
    -I want so much that Rexy / Roberta (or other Tyrannosaurus like Junior, the young Tyrannosaurus of the Lost World Jurassic Park) fights and defeats the Spinosaurus of JP3. And after defeating the spinosaurus, he roars like at the final stage of Jurassic Park or at the end of Jurassic World.
    But most importantly, no t-rex dies in Jurassic World 3. Similarly no t-rex is defeated by another carnivorous dinosaur such as giganotosaurus or others.
    -A meeting between Alan Grant (with or Ian Malcom) and Rexy / Roberta: There would be an exchange of glances between Grant and Rexy. Rexy recognizes Alan with the smell, while Grant recognizes Rexy with the scars caused by a velociraptor in Jurassic Park. At first Grant is scared, but reassures himself soon after remembering that it was this t-rex that saved him before. After a calm and respectful exchange of views, Rexy leaves calmly, leaving Alan reassured and happy.
    -The apparitions of Brachiosaurus in a scene similar to that of Jurassic Park 3 “Brachiosaurus on the Bank”.

    1. i agree on some points. however maybe rexy should die? it would be a good end to the series. alan and ian looking n as rexy expires. that would be pretty emotional. but what do I know.

    2. I agree with all of the pionts!!!! Alan once told lex they’re just animals and they will always be!!! Not monsters like he said in Jurassic park 3

  8. We should find out that Dr grant is really Owen’s father, thus explaining why Owen is attached to the Raptors, just like his father. And that, in turn would explain the return of Dr grant to the screen. Then they work as a team to tackle whatever chaos ensues.

    1. Owen is attached to the Raptors because he raised them… Herp.
      And he only raised them because he was hired to… Derp.

  9. Hope they don’t decide to hype up their return in order to boost ticket sales, then destroy their characters onscreen, and kill them off meaninglessly. Like Disney did with their legacy characters in those horrible Star Wars sequel movies.

  10. Yes, I definitely agree Dr. Grant and Dr. Saddler should be in JW3!!!! I just want to see them both make Peace with the Velociraptors and the TRex they were terrified of in the previous films and instead realize we can all co-exist peacefully and harmoniously without the need to kill any of them!!! Oh and the evil people exploiting the dinosaurs really sgould die and that would teach them a lesson to not use animals for profits. And Dr. Wu should vo to prison. And blue has babies and the TRex funds a mate and she has babies too and the new generation is the onebwe all live in oeace witj. Yeah!!!!!!

  11. Yes I want Blue and the Trex to have babies and the future generations all have dinosaurs and people love dinosaurs and we all live happily ever after with dinosaurs!

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