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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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First Look at Jurassic Park Funko Pop Series!

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s merchandise art reveal, the toy news keeps coming.

We’ve known for a couple months now that Funko was taking a trip to Isla Nublar, and returning with a lineup of Pops based on Jurassic Park just in time for its 25th anniversary. Somewhat recently, retailers listed the lineup on their websites without images – and now finally Funko has released concept art based on the anticipated collectors range!

We’ll bring it up straight away – yes there is a Ellie Sattler figure!

Apologies to Funko for assuming they omitted her. However, only including her as a bundled character does feel rather shortsighted, and not doing her character nor general female representation justice.

The Jurassic Park Pop line is sure to enthrall collectors of Funko and the the film alike, and we’ve got to say they look great! As the Dilophosaurus is listed as ‘with chase’, it’s speculated there will also be a rarer version without the frill to hunt down. Further, perhaps there will be an individual version of Ellie Sattler, not tied to the Jurassic Jeep, exclusive to another retailer.

I know I personally love these, and they will be the first line of Funko’s I collect. The only thing in the concept art that throws me off, is it seems the Velociraptor is missing its sickle claw – but that’s something the final item will surely feature.

Further, the Jeep pictured with Ellie should be Jeep 10 (open top) – not Jeep 12 (closed top, which Dennis drove).

While not yet announced, Funko will certainly have a range based upon Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom in the near future as well – so this marks the start of a great collecting series. The Jurassic Park POP’s hitting to coincide with the 25th anniversary celebration are as follows:

Dr. Ian Malcolm
Shirtless Malcolm (Target exclusive)
Dr. Alan Grant
John Hammond
Dennis Nedry
Dilophosaurus (1 in 6 chance for closed frill variant)
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Dennis Nedry (venom attack) w/ Dilophosaurus (Entertainment Earth exclusive – preorder now!)
Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle w/ Ellie Sattler

The lineup releases March 15th, 2018 and for now, no images of the final toys are yet available – but stay tuned, it likely wont be long until they are formally unveiled. Be sure to sound off in the comments below, and let us know what you think of these and want to see next!

Thanks to for first covering them, and Thomas Fishenden for sending them our way!


30 thoughts on “First Look at Jurassic Park Funko Pop Series!

    1. I’ve already preordered them all at Gamestop the dilophesores is closed and chase is the pissed off open moth spit version, and they have them all but there missing Robert Maldun the Raptor Expert hence I don’t know if it’s a Gamestop exclusive, like Hot Topic will probably have an exclusive to but ya I have him pre ordered!

  1. I normally wouldn’t collect these, but I’ll be collecting almost everything that has to do with the fist JP movie.

    Why is the jeep #12?? It should be #10. #12 is being overused.

    1. if you want to keep making rich a brand that is created to exclusively get advantage of every franchise’s collector with very little creative effort, yes, you need them. Poor design, not especially good material or anything, and they even make more of some than others just to rise the price.. Perfect deal for the company, a complete scam for collector fans. most people just keep them in boxes waiting for them to become revalued. I really hope that never happens and people realize of how this kind of products are just made to laugh in their faces

        1. If someone find them cute and want to have some (fake funko pop are equally cute for a more fair price) i understand, but collecting them and keeping them in boxes waiting for them to be sold for a higher price at some point.. that is just contribuiting to this absurd bubble

          1. Waiting for something to be higher price isn’t just Funko, it’s been a thing long before Funko started making POP Figure’s. You can take any toy and wait a few years and it would stupid amount, for example… the old jurassic park toys.

  2. Nedry and Malcolm are a definite buy. If they release a JP Jeep without Ellie, that’s also a definite buy.

    Not sure about Grant, most likely won’t get Hammond.

  3. Im super excited for these. I agree its sad that the sickle claw is not inculded in the concept art for the velociraptor being that it is one of the main things that they are known for. I would like to see spinosaurus as well as the mozosaurous be made into pops as well. These are going to be my prized items in my pop collection.

  4. Confused as to why you guys are not putting out a article on the other toys being leaked. They look freaking awesome.

  5. I’m a little late on the release and preorder of these funkos. Jurassic park is my favorite movie & im saddened to see I can’t preorder them online anywhere anymore. Can I preorder at my local gamestop?

    1. Don’t worry, these POP’s are new and aren’t out yet till March 15th. Since this is only concept art and we haven’t seen the actual figures the preorder’s should come out late January or early February.

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