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Volcanic Jurassic World 2 marketing art and tagline erupts at Licensing Expo 2017 (updated)

Life finds a way – and so does Jurassic World 2 news, for that matter.  As Licensing Expo 2017 prepares to open tomorrow (the 23rd), the first marketing materials have appeared in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. While the primary assets are just renders and images from the first Jurassic World marketing art, the backdrops and compositions are entirely new.

The image first appeared on Instagram via user curvycamera (first reported by Reel News Hawaii)

#viewfrommyoffice today… #licensingexpo

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The first thing that caught my eye was the iconic “Life Finds a Way” tagline – could this be the new marketing slogan akin to ‘The Park is Open’? While the title and logo for the sequel are still closely guarded secrets, what I immediately noticed was a theme on all the banners (other than the Mosasaurus one) – they seem to feature orange glowing embers blowing around in the background and foreground. Could the rumors of a plot line with a Volcano be true?

Some on Twitter even suggest that it may be a Volcano behind Chris Pratt and the Gallimimus on the top left – it’s slightly unclear in the one image available, but we’re hoping to have closer and clearer pictures soon. One thing is clear, while the image of the dinosaur and Chris Pratt as Owen are not new, the backdrop pictured was never used in previous Jurassic World marketing. Plus, it meshes well with JA Bayonas birthday cake, which had a volcanic look as well:

Update! A new photo of the banners show a clear volcanic theme!

This one is [email protected] #jurassicpark #licensingexpo #geekmom #geeklife

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We also have some glimpses at the Universal booth at the expo – and it’s clear that Jurassic World 2 is a huge push for the studio. These images come via Instagram user heavydeathrobes


A post shared by Timm Hood (@heavydeathrobes) on

In 2014 Universal brought the first Jurassic World to Licensing Expo, and unveiled some of the first products that teased things like an open park and Mosasaurus (see below). While at this point we’re unsure if what they’re bringing will be shown publicly, or be kept behind closed doors, we know the Jurassic World sequel and Jurassic Park 25th anniversary will be represented.

Stay tuned – as news and images hit the web from the latest Licensing Expo in Las Vegas we will be sure to to keep you updated! With any luck, Universal will showcase something new for fans to dissect.


13 thoughts on “Volcanic Jurassic World 2 marketing art and tagline erupts at Licensing Expo 2017 (updated)

  1. I just hate the thought of a volcano destroying both the old and the new park 😱
    Kinda means the island is over with completely after JW2

  2. Well, don’t know exactly how I feel, but the islands gotta go sometimes. They can’t keep coming back again, and again, and again. If they plan to keep on making JP/W films after JW3, I’m sure they can think of prequels (especially before JW opened, which would be interesting to see) or focus on dinos outside the islands. I’m not saying I like it. Just stating my beliefs.

    I just wish they revealed the new logo, already! Enough with the suspense! If the marketing campaign of the first JW is anything to go by, we’re about six months away from the first teaser trailer. Back in 2014 we already knew the film would be called Jurassic World. What’s taking them so long? I know, I know, I’m too impatient. But I’ve been a fan since I was 12! ; )

  3. I prefer the idea of having ingen bombing the island and that’s why they have to go back with a rescue mission, instead of it being destroyed by a volcano.

  4. Colin Trevarrow and J.A. Bayona claim that the title and tagline for the movie has not yet been revealed because “it might spoil certain things”. perhaps the ‘Life Finds A Way’ tag line would have spoiled the fact that Ian Malcome has a a role in the film? However, the thing I can’t wrap my head around is how a movie title could be spoilerific. If theres spoilers in your title, maybe you need to change the title?

    1. Hear, hear!

      If the title is a spoiler, then DO change it!

      Maybe it’s something in the lines of “The volcano that is about to destroy Isla Nublar and
      cause a second extinction – Jurassic World”. lol

    1. Agreed as well. Maybe new images would “give away” the plot. ; ) Starting to believe this plot is overly simplistic.

  5. Ugh…when can we finally stop calling Jurassic World the “first film” and calling the fifth film “Jurassic World 2”?

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