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Velociraptor (Film Universe)
There are three distinct variations of Velociraptor which were cloned by InGen, not counting sexual dimorphism seen within each individual version. However, despite the surface level variations, each sub-species remains relatively similiar in terms of physical attributes. Each species is roughly 6 feet tall…

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Exciting New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merch Teases a New Dinosaur!

It’s been a few months since Universal released any information about Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom, the last updates being the title reveal in June and the speculated Indoraptor reveal in July. However, that hasn’t stopped license partners from releasing small morsels of information in the form of 2018 merchandise teases.

Thanks to PPR Solutions we have our first look at what appears to be Fallen Kingdom school supplies.

The merchandise provides exciting looks at new promotional dinosaur designs for the film. These include new renders for the T-Rex(the original Jurassic Park T-Rex that first made her comeback in 2015’s Jurassic World), Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Blue the Velociraptor among others.

The leftmost design with the text “Escape the Island” features a stampede of dinosaurs fleeing some sort of explosion or perhaps the volcano threat that was reported in July as appearing in the film. The rightmost design is perhaps the most exciting promotional picture yet – more on that below.

While there is a lot to digest from the new product images, including a silhouette of the Mosasaurus on the side of the one T-Rex binder, perhaps the most interesting is the eye looking through what appears to be a cage with a hand projecting out. It almost looks like a slender Velociraptor style hand but with the inclusion of a small Indominus Rex thumb. Could this potentially be our first real tease of the “Indoraptor”? While we know really nothing of this new hybrid dinosaur, we can speculate on its appearance based on the previous film and rumors/reports during the filming process. Could the Indoraptor be the dream dinosaur that Vic Hoskins mentioned in the final act of Jurassic World?

“Imagine. That one, a fraction of the size – deadly, intelligent, able to hide from the most advanced military technology. A living weapon unlike anything we’ve ever seen.”

Intriguingly, the artwork of the hand coming through the cage can’t help but remind us of the set photo of director J.A. Bayona with the mysterious dinosaur jaw. Take a close look again at that photo, are those bars of a cage?…..

Finally, in the second image, underneath the fiery Jurassic logo, could that be the Indoraptor skin pattern? Again, all of this is pure speculation on our part and trying to connect the dots of the information that is available – it certainly seems to match the dinosaur in the photo with JA Bayona. It remains to be seen what that mystery cage dinosaur is, and how the new designs play out when it comes to the film – but our best guess is it’s the new hybrid.

What do you think of the new merchandise and dinosaur design for Fallen Kingdom – will you buy them, or display them alongside other Jurassic Park collectibles? Also, do you think that mystery dinosaur could be the Indoraptor? Let us know in the comments below and on our forums!

Source: PPR Solutions, Instagram


25 thoughts on “Exciting New Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Merch Teases a New Dinosaur!

  1. Also looking at the picture of the dinosaur in the cage , on the spine of it you see a side on look of what looks like a Raptor but not entirely.
    Could that be the side on view of the Indoraptor ?

  2. I just want a few things from this movie:
    – add a little bit of ”horror” (no not that scary clown/living doll kind of horror but some limbs getting ripped off a body would be cool)
    – a good trailer wich gives us a good look of the film but doesnt give too much away
    – only smal hints of the possible ”indoraptor” in the trailer
    – LEGO sets wich do actually have something to do with the movie instead of the JW1 line
    – ian malcolm to be alive at the end of the movie

  3. The dinosaur in the cage could be a velociraptor, the indoraptor a new hybrid, or it could be a troodon even though we don’t know what they have in there only some leaks came out about some dinosaurs that be in the movie.

  4. I feel pretty certain that claw belongs to the animal that was shown way back in April judging by the Dino that’s on the spine of the binder itself they look pretty identical

    Maybe I’m wrong

  5. Hi there !
    Actually what do you think about it ? About the hybrid ?
    I was not happy about it in Jurassic World, but overall it has sense and the movie was the best sequel since the first one (that was not very hard lol). But now…? Why ?

  6. Seeing this binder with the ominous picture of the Indoraptor reaching its hand through the bars is really creepy.
    I love it!

  7. I don’t care for a hybrid. I’m here for Rexy and Blue. Damn, that T-Rex is so scary looking in JW2. It looks right out of the first JP film. It also feels more tactile and real. I can’t wait to be scared shitless by the Rex and clap for Blue. Also, looking forward to Jeff Goldblum, Geraldine Chaplin and James Cromwell. These three will be the cream of the crop. I truly, truly hope Sam Neill and Laura Dern are in the series finale.

  8. I just have to say this because I’m really sick of hearing people say this in relation to the hybrid idea. They are all hybrids people, there are no real dinosaurs in any of the movies, period. So get over it. I mean for real has no one read the book or seen Jurassic World where the point blank say it. Per Dr wu, nothing in jurassic world is natural. Also in the book Wu talks about how much they augmented the dinosaurs DNA. So for the sake of the film’s and the Jurassic Community stop crying about the hybrids, which are the most realistic part of the film anyways, and just hope for an exciting and interesting film to add to the rest.

    1. They are no hybrids nor in the book or in the movie. They mixed up DNA with actually living animals to fill the missing parts, and this had consequences, example : Rexy can’t see if you do not move, like a frog. But they are dinosaurs. Maybe not acting exactly like the “real” ones, but still.
      Hybrid is mixing up DNA from different kind of Dino to create….something. That’s where I’m not into it, we do not need it. Just add Carnotaurus with his camouflage, Troodon with his night vision to Compso, Raptors, Rexy, Spino and all the herbs….
      See my point ? 🙂

  9. Also now that I’m thinking about it if anyone is really concerned about this film they really need to go watch A Monster Calls as if it’s half as good as that film it’s gonna be something special.

  10. That is clearly an erupting volcano in the background of the first left image. Now I’m more convinced than ever that this movie involves an erupting volcano.

  11. Happy to be wrong of course but I do hope this ‘Indoraptor’ is all just in your heads. I’m sick of the speculation and hype revolving around it. Like a bunch of over-excited school girls.

  12. At this point, I’d say the Indoraptor is basically confirmed. From trademarks, to tweets, to binders, everything points to another “Hybrid” (I know technically all dinos in the JP franchise are hybrids) in Fallen Kingdom, so DealWithIt. I’m pretty excited, tbh. As long as it doesn’t steal the spotlight from Blue and Rexy, I’m all for it.

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